Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Final Portfolio

As we approach the end of the semester, it is time to reflect on the work you have done over the semester. You are asked to put together a final portfolio highlighting the skills you have learned and explored during your first year. Your portfolio must include the following:

  • Table of Contents

  • Three In-Class Sketches

Your portfolio must include 12 of the following assignments:

  • Blog Header

  • Value Scale Composition

  • Color Studies

  • Material Rendering Study

  • One Point Perspective from Studio Building

  • Additional In-Class Sketches

  • Dining Space Perspectives

  • Portfolio Proposal Sketch

  • Color Rendering Studies for One-Point Perspective (Series of Five)

  • Color Renderings for One-Point Perspectives

  • Scale Figure In-Class Sketches

  • St. Mary's Observational Sketches

  • Monticello and Fallingwater Sketches

  • Writer's Retreat Two Point Perspective

  • Comparative Composition

  • Writer's Retreat Composition

As the portfolio is a representation of your work and capabilities as a designer, you will be responsible for the aesthetic decisions and quality of construction. Your final portfolio is due by Noon on Monday, May 2nd.