Thursday, January 13, 2011

Assignment One

Introducing Yourself Through TYPE

With the start of the new semester, introductions are in order. Just as we had done last semester, we again ask that you compose a new header for your individual student blog. This header will double as the new name tag for your desk space. Take this as an opportunity to build upon and use what you learned last semester to design a header that represents you as a designer.

When creating this new header, all text must originate from a font found on the computer. This means that you will create the text of the header on a computer, although the particular software use is up to you. Carefully choose a font or combination of fonts that thoughtfully compliment your design aesthetic and point of view. The header should measure 8.5” x 2.5” and you will be responsible for selecting the font size(s) used for your individual name tag.

On the header, you must provide the following elements:

- Your full name
- “Studio 102 and Design Visualization 112”
- “Spring 2011”
- A drawing that represents you as a designer

These elements are a starting point, feel free to be creative with this header. Before heading right to the computer create a series of thumbnail sketches to determine how you will layout the header in your sketchbook. Practice the drawing you will include in your sketchbook as well.

You are to place this header in the title position of your student blog before the beginning of class on January, 18th and display the physical drawing at your studio desk.

In addition to adding the new header to your blog, you will create your first post for this semester under the label Design Visualization 112. For this post you will describe how the drawing included in the header describes you as a designer.

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